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Dance Styles you Should Learn to Shine on the Dance Floor !

Most of us only rush to the dance floor when your favourite music is played, then your having fun by doing all sorts of moves and once the song is over you head back to your corner and refuse to go again. Why does this happen ? its propably coz you knew the moves of that song and were not shy at all to show it.

Its not necessary to know the dance moves what is important is to know the dance style, which can get you enjoying from start of the party itself. Here are a few styles that are easy to learn and a few introductory classes can get you motivated to hit the floor on almost any song.


Freestyle dances go by the name itself. Feel free to do whatever you want, the only training required here is to be in rhythm. This can be easily achieved in one class itself, if you have a good dance trainer.


Most of the clubs tend to put at least one track or play Bollywood music the entire evening. Bollywood can be classified as freestyle with added indian spices.


The best way to groove with your partner is by doing salsa, very easy to do the basic steps. You don't necessarily have to get technical with the steps, even a little style adopted from salsa can get you grooving throughout the party.

So here it is, the top choices to learn as a beginner for you to shine on the dance floor without any hesitation on any kind of music.

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