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Off The Hook is a Dance Institute focusing on Bollywood,Hip Hop, Street jazz, Salsa, Belly dance and other various dance workout routines, teaching all age groups how to groove to the music and how to enjoy every beat when you are in the mood to dance. Off The Hook  is currently teaching children & adults of all age groups. So Its time to put your dancing shoes on and have a blast at Off The Hook Dance classes !!!

We also have a line up of experienced choreographers for all sorts of events . A lot of people usually want to dance at weddings and become the star of the event by grooving on the latest hits to impress the audience. We at off the hook make sure that all the steps are taught as per their current skill level or as a beginner so that students can  put up an amazing performance for the crowd.  Everyone has an amazing experience when they are learning with Off The Hook and so will you !!!

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