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Top 5 Ways to look Confident during a Sangeet Performance !

A lot of us our nervous when we go on stage and fear of looking bad and making a fool of ourselves is always there. We practice with everything we got and still feel that its not enough. Here are the top 5 tips you can use to game up on your sangeet performance.

1) Giving names to the steps

Each performance on an average has 10 to 15 steps max for a 2 minute performance. Just remember to give them the weirdest names in order to help you remember it while you practice.

2) Remembering the Steps in the right order.

Try to remember each step by the name and you can create a story out of it bearing in mind that the story has all the names in a sequence,

More than the style, its important you focus on your memory in the start. Once the mental block of knowing the entire steps is passed, you can then focus on the next stage i.e style.

3) Easy Choreography

An easy choreography is very important for performance,. the steps don't have to look complicated, sometimes the simplest of steps look beautiful on stage. Less footwork and less jumps can help you focus more on your style than accuracy of the moves.

4) Smile your famous

When your on stage you have to smile throughout and let the people watching you know that your enjoying yourself. The smile is the biggest shield to protect you from looking bad on stage. A smile shows that you are comfortable on stage and ready to show your hard work.

5)Clothes and shoes

Performing on stage will be much easier if you have comfortable clothing and footwear. Indian clothes can get quite heavy to do performances, so just make sure to be super comfortable on stage when it comes to clothes and shoes.

So here you go, Hope you use these tips for your next performance. All the best !

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