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The First Dance

Learn how to do the perfect first dance at your weddings.

The first dance between the bride and groom is often considered to be one of the most romantic moments at a wedding. This can also be one of the most intimidating! The last thing that you want to do is trip on your train or step on your partner's toes in front of all those people.

Here are some tips for creating a perfect wedding dance:

Find a class near you. Salsa, Bollywood, ballroom dancing, and Jive dancing classes are available all over the country. If you're looking for something more exotic, try basic Hip hop or hula lessons. Check with Google searches for options nearby.

Learn some basic steps during class. Most classes will teach three or four simple moves that can easily be strung together into a longer routine. Learning how to start and turn can help make even just these few simple steps look impressive on the big night.

Practice at home between lessons. You'll need to spend more hours practicing at home if you want to learn a complicated routine, but even just five minutes every day will keep your new skills sharp so they don't vanish by the time you get to practice with your partner again.

Consider hiring an instructor for some one-on-one training sessions before your first dance as husband and wife!

Get ready for your first dance with these steps.

Once you have all these things, it's time to start practicing. You should practice with your partner, of course, but also just by yourself and with the music. Here are a few tips:

Don't hold the pose too long when you're dancing in one place. It looks awkward and then your feet will get tired.

If you're dancing in one place or if your partner is pulling back from you, make sure that their weight is over the balls of their feet so that they can move easily into another dance move.

Just be yourselves and have fun.

In my experience, there are four ways to approach this dance: serious and choreographed, fun and choreographed, serious and relaxed, or fun and relaxed. If you’re going for a serious wedding dance, that’s great! In order to make it the best possible experience for everyone involved (the bride and groom as well as the guests), I recommend that you practice a little bit more than you think is necessary. Take some time to learn the steps, practice them with your partner, work on your speed and timing. Get comfortable with being together in front of people. Learn to look each other in the eye or other parts instead of at your feet. Practice smiling not just with your face but also with your heart.

If the idea of a serious wedding dance is too much for you (and sometimes it can be!), then perhaps you should try something lighthearted instead. You could still choose a song that means something special to you as a couple—just don’t take it too seriously! You could even write a song together or get one written for you by someone else—then perform it as part of your first dance when all eyes are on you. It doesn’t matter whether it sounds good or not; what counts most is having fun! The lyrics might be humorous if appropriate but they could also reveal more about who each person really is (e.g., perhaps they always call their spouse by pet names). Either way this would definitely provide an opportunity for laughter & tears during such an important event in life!

Dancing can be a lot of fun if you're prepared.

Dancing at a wedding can be a lot of fun, but you want to make sure that you are prepared. The bride and groom will be dancing, of course, but so will the guests. You also want to make sure that the DJ is ready for the wedding dance. You might think that this is not important, but it really is. If you are going to have a wedding dance with music from your DJ, then you need to find out when they are available and how they will handle the music at your reception. If they can't handle the music on their own, then you need to find another DJ or hire a professional wedding band

Practice by yourself in a mirror.

Practicing in a mirror gives you a chance to see what you look like as you are dancing. You can practice alone or with your dance partner. It might be helpful to do both.

Always wear your wedding clothes or the clothes you plan to wear once or twice while practicing so that you know what they will look and feel like while dancing. If possible, wear the shoes that you've chosen for your wedding day as well. Practice in the room where the reception will take place when possible so that you can get used to it and imagine yourself having fun and dancing on this special occasion!

If you feel nervous, take deep breaths and smile.

No matter how many years you’ve been planning your wedding, it’s normal to feel a little nervous. Take a deep breath and relax – no one expects you to be a professional dancer. If you do begin to feel nervous, don’t worry about what other people are thinking. Remind yourself that everyone just wants you to have fun. Think of all the fun moments during the reception thus far: if your friends and family weren’t already on your side, they wouldn’t have had nearly as much fun as they did during the reception. Imagine how much more fun you will have once your dance begins and don’t let your imagination get caught up in the possibility of failure.

Enjoy this unique time to connect as a couple.

There are many opportunities to dance with your partner at a wedding.

The main occasion is of course the first dance. This is a special moment for the bride and groom, as well as when you both have most eyes on you. This means that there are lots of people watching and interested in what you do next. However, this is not a time to be nervous or overwhelmed. A first dance can be one of the best ways to bond with your partner and show off your personalities before such a large audience! You can have fun choosing what song to dance to. Just make sure that it's not too long so that everyone gets bored or too short so that no one has time to enjoy it!

Doing a wedding dance can be easy if you prepare for it correctly.

If you want to impress your wedding guests and have a good time doing it, think about adding a dance number to your wedding reception.

Start by choosing a song that has special meaning to you and your spouse. It could be the first song that played when you met or the song that was playing the night you got engaged. If you're having trouble picking just one, make an entire playlist of songs that are meaningful to you as a couple.

Then come up with ideas for how to choreograph your dance. You can choose something simple—like swaying back and forth or moving side-to-side while holding each other's hands—or take on something more complicated, like doing some twirls and dips (for the latter, consider getting in touch with professional choreographers).

Make sure to put in lots of practice time, even if that means taking lessons from local instructors or watching YouTube videos for guidance! The more prepared you are for the big day, the less worried you'll be when it comes time for your first dance as husband and wife.

When it's finally showtime, don't worry about perfection. Just remember: The most important thing is to have fun!


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